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Site functionality

- I would like to get the product catalog, where can I download it?

To get our product catalog, simply go to the CADOA homepage and click on the dedicated link to download it. The catalogue contains all the necessary information about the various advertising objects posted on the website. All the details, features, colors, and types of print are on it to make it easier to choose your advertising objects.

- Can I customize products on your online site?

Although this is a service, we would love to offer you in the future, it is not a feature available on our site now as we offer many tagging possibilities. Today, we offer you 2 ways to get an overview of the personalized product you have chosen. You can either send your visual to your account manager beforehand to send you your BAT (to be attached to your online order) or attach your visual directly to your online order (in this case, you will receive your BAT later).

- Is it possible to have a first series?

Yes, it is possible to have a first series, this one will be charged.

- What are the benefits to my company if I register as a reseller with you?

Being a reseller at Cadoa means benefiting from a multitude of customer advantages: saving time on your online orders (possibility to group several products into a single quote request), your account history (requests, invoices, delivery addresses...), complete product listings with declining rates, information about our stocks in real time, email alerts, etc.

- How do I become a dealer?

Simply go to the contact page and apply for registration by creating your personal customer account. Fast, simple, and advantageous, we will ask you to provide us with information about your company so that we can identify you, make sure that you are a reseller, and offer you a tailored and personalized offer for your various quote requests.

- How can I keep up to date with your news?

If you want to be up to date with the latest Cadoa products or news, subscribe to our newsletter to receive this information! You can also follow us on social networks by following our Facebook and LinkedIn page.

- What is the Reforest'action program?

At Cadoa, we decided to support the Reforest'action program. In what way? By offering you when you place your order, and if you are interested, add for an additional symbolic 1€ on your quote or order. Thanks to you, a tree will be planted in Indonesia or another part of the world affected by the current deforestation problem. You will see the "ARBRE" line appear on your quote or order, you just having to validate to participate.

Customer service

- How do I get in touch with you?

Looking for a specific advertising object? A request for additional information about a product? Or other requests? The CADOA team is available Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. by phone on 01 34 80 92 87 or by email at An advisor will take care of your request as soon as possible. For a faster response, if you have already placed an order with us, you can also contact your account manager directly.

- I have a specific request to make to you, an object that is not on your site. Can I give you my request?

The answer is YES. At Cadoa, customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. That is why we are committed to finding a solution for all your requests for advertising items that weren't on the site. Send us your special request by email or phone. We work every day to satisfy your advertising needs. Ensuring your satisfaction is the key to our success!

- What to do if I have a problem with my order?

What's wrong with an order? Whatever the problem, call our advisors on 01 34 80 92 87 so they can quickly take charge of your request and find a solution to your problem. Our advisors remain at your disposal and at your disposal for any requests and questions.


- What are the customizable advertising items offered by CADOA?

At Cadoa, we offer a very wide range of customizable advertising objects in different categories for better visibility of our products: USB sticks and cards, mugs, cotton bag, textile (t-shirt, polo shirt, cap...), high tech object (power bank, USB cable), desktop (book, pens, colored pencil, mouse pads...) and other objects (badges, key rings, masks, stickers...). We make sure to offer you the best advertising items of the moment by regularly updating our product catalog to continue to expand the choice of your future goodies.

- What is the minimum order volume?

For most of our products, you can place an order from 10 pieces. Note: the minimum number of parts to place an order will always be displayed on the product listing.

- What does "Gr/m²" mean?

The grammage per m² quantifies the density of the fabric per square meter. For example, for cotton, we recommend taking a minimum grammage of 140g/m².

- What are Import products?

Our Import range gives you access to a large product catalogue of thousands of references. If you need a large quantity of products and your order is not urgent, opt for this economical option.

- What are your production labels?

At Cadoa, we offer our customers certified products that ensure quality and values that are as responsible as they are environmentally responsible. We are aware of the economic, social and environmental issues of our daily lives. That's why we've selected products with the following labels: GOTS Label (Global Organic Textile Standard) The GOTS label is the most comprehensive and regulated textile product certification system in terms of environmentally friendly production. This standard ensures that every cotton fiber used comes from organic farming and therefore 100% organic. To obtain this GOTS label, production processes must be socially responsible and environmentally friendly. This international label is affixed to textiles that do not contain products that are toxic to humans and their environment. It is awarded and managed by Oeko-tex and controlled by independent bodies. OEKO-TEX Label (Textile Confidence) The Oeko-Tex label in France is the first label to guarantee the human-ecological qualities of textiles, free of toxic products for the body and the environment. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification applies to textile items that the producer wishes to be recognized as meeting non-toxicity criteria. The aim of this label is to manufacture textile products of any kind without risk to human ecology allowing the absence of toxicity related to dyes. OCS Label (Organic Content Standard) The OSC label applies to any non-food product containing 95 to 100% organic materials. It verifies the presence and percentage of biological materials in the final product and follows the flow of raw materials, from origin to finished product.


- What are your delivery times?

For us, meeting your requirements and deadlines is our priority. Each project is unique. That is why at Cadoa, we specialize in short deadlines to quickly meet your urgent needs. In response to this demand, we offer different options for your delivery times: Super express 24h: for the most urgent orders to be delivered the next day (to be specified that everything must be confirmed before 10am on the day you place the order). Express 48 - 72h: ideal for less urgent orders (everything must be confirmed before 11am). Standard: delivery planned within 4 to 5 working days. It is possible to have longer delivery times for specific products that vary between 2 and 3 weeks. For large custom orders: the delay can be up to 4 months depending on the products, the quantity...

Price and payment of my orders

- How do I know the prices of the products?

On our new website, you will find the declining rates on the product listings. Assume that the higher the volume of the order, the lower our prices. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact our customer service so that one of our advisors can accompany you in the search for your project.

- What are the means of payment available?

To pay for your orders, we accept the following means of payment: Bank card Check (longer processing) Administrative mandate Bank transfer

- Can I get a discount by paying in advance?

We do not offer a discount if you pay in advance. On the other hand, as a reseller you benefit from payment terms to consult on your account or with your account manager.

Printing technics

- Where are your advertising items printed?

All our products are printed in France. The printing of your visuals is done in our workshop located in Cormeilles en Parisis, in the 95 in the Paris region. Sensitized to eco-responsible production, we offer digital prints made with water inks more respectful of the environment. All our marking technologies are applied in strict compliance with French standards.

- What are your different printing technics?

Namely: Our markings are permanently resistant to washing. Not all printing techniques are valid on all products. The available marking techniques are displayed in the product sheet of the advertising object in question. Below is the list of tagging techniques we use to customize advertising objects: Laser engraving Ideal for advertising objects in metal, wood, paper, leather, plastic, ABS, PU, glass and ceramics such as pens, metal keyrings, metal mugs or ceramics. Possible on polar wool. Offers elegant and durable markings over time. Quick printing technique High-end, elegant and discreet marking that increases the perceived value of the printed object No use of ink for eco-friendly and organic pub objects Does not allow the use of your Pantones Digital textile printing Four-color printing directly into the textile for a soft, natural touch Ideal for light-colored textiles 100% cotton type tote bags and dark color with pre-processing Beautiful rendering natural color, faithful and qualitative Best print hold over time Prints all types of colors (degraded, photo) except gold, silver and neon Screen-print Possible on many advertising objects, on any type of material: cotton, jute, polyester, polypro, nylon Very good rendering and respect for colors Very good holding of marking over time Printing bright colors (fluo, silver and gold optional) Can't print gradient. Photo printing is not recommended because the cost is high. Technical costs to the color to be expected Sublimation Perfect for printing on mugs, mouse pads Ideal for photographic imaging Rendered beautiful, vivid and sharp images No technical fees Transfer Faithful and accurate printing of any type of image, text, or logo Economical for multicolored printing or large quantities Offers a plastic touch that keeps the fabric tighter

Learn more about custom products

- What are the advantages?

Personalized products are excellent vectors of efficient, inexpensive, and sustainable communication. By selecting the right, good quality support and printing the right visual, your advertiser client's brand benefits from an impactful communication medium that will convey a good image of the company repeatedly and to a wide target. Consumers are happy to reuse these marked products in the office, in transport, on the road, for the beach, shopping or sports. Offered as a gift, the advertising object makes a commercial gesture. It rewards loyalty or thanks the commitment made by the consumer. The advertising object represents a process much appreciated by advertisers and their customers.

- What is for?

The advertising object is ideal for promoting a brand or advertising message during internal or external communication operations such as trade shows, exhibitions, open houses, sales, private sales, team building, incentive, training, product launches, press event, loyalty program, contest games, opening of a point of sale, change of collection, annual parties, company anniversary, change of logo or name, gifts customers, prospects, partners, employees, or collaborators. Thanks to their quality, some of our products are even sold in stores!

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